The Observatoire Nomade
of the Polar Worlds

Discovering places
that do not exist!

Melville Bay - Qimusseriarsuaq

Join us, through an extraordinary experience, to share an exceptional moment of life with the last hunters of the Arctic and discover one of the last wild and emblematic places in the northern polar region. This expedition in Melville Bay has been co-developed with the last watchmen of the Arctic.

Your expedition leader: Nicolas Dubreuil, an explorer-adventurer with 25 years of experience in the natural and wild lands of the Arctic and Antarctica. He is renowned as one of the leading French ice world. He will safely guide you, with his Greenlandic fishermen and hunter friends, whose language he speaks, across these exceptional lands for this unique, initiatory journey in Melville Bay.

We will help you to discover places that do not appear on maps—new, never-before-discovered islands, “Nunanutaat”, which have just been revealed by the retreat of the glaciers.

Time for a sledge expedition to find polar bears! Come and share this way of life between traditional and modern life that is gradually disappearing! You will experience the daily life of fishermen and hunters on an expedition, during which ancestral know-how will be taught to the clan's youth.

You will experience one of the last precious moments with these men of the sea ice, who over the space of several days, will help you to experience symbiosis between men and dogs—the only way to survive in this extreme world.

Join us from 2-12 March 2020 for the journey of a lifetime with the last watchmen of the Arctic!

Check this website regularly for updates as the mission is prepared!

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2 books :

  • Ice Adventurer
  • Kullorsuaq, Un village aux
    confins du Groenland

On line : Brut (In French only)